Saturday, February 2, 2008

This blog is meant for someone important in my life

Ya, so nothing I can show here. I wish to put some photo in here so that you guys can remember what we have done our life!
I would like to start the story here, this is KC! David Lee Kok Churn, God I can remember his Chinese name in English vividly. So you can guess how good is our relation.
He is my best friend, I know him since stardard one. 1G class in Mun Choong primary school.
This picture is showing that he was a worker in a sony computer shop. I can remember the date was 31 of Dec, 2006. Hey you know what? The next year then he would be promoted to supervisor. Ha...look at him, convincing isn't it?
There are much much much more between us that is not possible to tell the stories, happiness, sadness, craziness and everything we went through in life in few lines. And now, we are still friends, very good friends.